The Secret to Scaling Analytics

The Secret to Scaling Analytics


August 4, 2020





How DevOps delivers operational excellence - from RXP Group and Alteryx

Scaling Analytics Across the Enterprise

In a recent report1, Forrester dissects the playbook of insights-driven businesses — companies that are growing at an average of more than 30% annually and are on track to earn $1.8 trillion by 2021.

These organisations are setting the pace for global growth, and the secret to their success is in moving from ‘data aware’ to ‘data driven’. When everyone has access to the data and analytics they need to make transformative data-driven decisions, the power of analytics in an enterprise is truly realised.

Analytics is a unifying language that breaks down silos for collaboration across teams, allowing for greater insights-based decision making to be achieved and answers to be delivered. Through analytics automation, enterprises can maximise productivity and focus on new business challenges that were once deemed impossible to address, or may have been unknown to the business. One of the biggest challenges with analytics automation is scaling across the organisation. Scaling doesn’t happen overnight, and in order for it to be managed effectively, it requires commitment from business units across the organisation. However, large enterprises across industry sectors and geographies all sweat the same things — loss of control and an inability to manage risks.

While there are many ways to scale analytics, we’ve found that DevOps delivers operational excellence like no other approach because it’s neither a finite project nor a trendy initiative, but rather a mindset. The DevOps approach is a holistic, organisation-wide methodology, which helps ensure that no one person is in-charge of the end-to-end process when it comes to analytic automation.

This paper highlights the pivotal role DevOps plays in scaling analytics across an organisation and examines how teams can enhance their Alteryx experience by using tools and methods to:

• Automate the coupling of workflows, apps, and macros with technology infrastructure

• Automate workflow evaluation and acceptance, thereby taking cost out of the process

• Measure performance and identify gaps not obvious through spot inspection

Cross-industry experience shows that automation is the path for driving efficiency, lasting value and certainty. The design of the Alteryx Platform lends itself to a number of automation opportunities which will be summarised in this paper.

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Written by Neil Ospiuk, John Chew, Vassil Vodenski and Alteryx

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