New Podcast - Data Insights – Simplified

New Podcast - Data Insights – Simplified


December 10, 2020


Tim Moon




Who doesn’t want to learn about useful, innovative data solutions from real people that meet genuine business problems without all the b#11s4!t?  

If thats you, then this new podcast series  - Data Insights - Simplified - from our talented Director of Data & Insights , Tim Moon - will tick all your boxes.

Data and analytics environments are growing increasingly complicated and it’s hard to determine what works vs hype.    What are the people skills, technical tools and orchestration that is working?  We believe that simple solutions delivered by real people offer the best opportunity to learn something valuable - think patterns, models and simplified 1-2-3s almost anyone can follow.  

This podcast series is all about learning how others are delivering on the data insights vision and what we can take away from their experiences.  Tim cuts through the rubbish and focuses on what works and where analytics environments are genuinely, positively impacting business and delivering happy internal and external customers.

The series will curate approaches and real world stories from people on this data journey who have something to say about simplified outcomes that work!  All with a healthy dose of fun and laughter.

Episode 1

Tim chats with Greg Nash from Dear Watson Consultancy - a boutique firm specialising in the Microsoft Power Platform.

Tim's first guest is extremely rare, about as rare as a unicorn, in fact, he is a unicorn. Greg, is appropriately labelled a PowerBI unicorn  –  he’s been working with PowerBI since day dot.  As a PowerBI early adopter, he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to delivering simple, value-add business solutions.  He also regularly trains new users via “Dashboard in a Day” and “Power BI Essentials” training, which you can learn more about at  

Listen to the podcast here:

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