Why Making Happier Humans?

Why Making Happier Humans?


August 3, 2020





We want every interaction, every touch point and every engagement to be a positive experience for our people, our clients, and our partners.

Understanding Our Purpose

At RXP Group we have one core purpose 'Making Happier Humans', which is centred on four key beliefs.

Our Beliefs...

1. Brand Experience must match Brand Expression

2. Empathy trumps technology

3. Make the complex simple and the simple compelling

4. Be data curious, and design driven

Brand Experience must match Brand Expression.

We want every interaction, every touch point, and every engagement to be a positive experience. This can only be achieved when the brands' experience matches the brands' expression. Essentially, if you say you are good, you need to be good.

Empathy trumps technology

We understand that our goal is not just to deliver a functioning piece of technology. It's to provide a viable solution that meets the needs of the people. After all, our services have been designed and built to meet those needs. Service Designers often refer to this as "design the right thing". Our unique use of empathy, research and understanding is how we ensure we build happier experiences.

Make the complex simple and the simple compelling.

Our industry has made a habit of over complicating things for many years. And as companies transform digitally, this apparent appetite for complexity seems to be evolving at speed.  And yet, people want things simpler, quicker and more efficient than ever. This is what makes them happier. The techniques we use, combined with our agile ways of working, enable us to create simple and compelling experiences for our clients.

Be data curious, and design driven

Business has embraced the value of human centered design, and equally spent vast amounts harnessing the power of data to drive competitive advantage. Often these efforts have been pursued in isolation. We believe the true value lies in combining both - understanding the consumer mindset and delving deeper into the business dataset to help businesses truly transform.

But how do you make a customer's entire journey flawless?

Introducing the 3 E's: Expression + Experience + Enablement

Our new service model brings together our end-to-end offerings in a simplified structure, focusing on Expression, Experience and Enablement.


Defining business and brand upfront is integral to a successful and single-minded strategy for employees, clients and customers. Our unique approach fuses brand, insight, design and technology.


Brands are now judged more than ever on what they do as much as what they say. We focus on designing 'signature' customer experiences to generate greater loyalty, engagement and advocacy.


Good ideas are worthless without the ability to execute. Our reputation is built on our ability to deliver value at speed while leveraging deep specialisation to unlock our client's digital capabilities.

With the end goal of Making Happier Humans, RXP Group fuses expression, experience and enablement to help companies innovate and transform their digital capabilities.

We believe that together, every experience can be made Happier

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