Let's keep our Health in check

Let's keep our Health in check


September 10, 2020


Maureen Tanamas




Do you need to prioritise your health?

No matter where you are, what you do, what age or ethnicity, discussions about health should be part ofyour regular conversations. With remote working occupying much of our working life now, many who feels a blurred sense of work-life balance may have become more aware on the lifestyle choices that they’ve had to make in order to gain some sense of normalcy.

This could be in the form of getting more UberEats to feel like you’re dining out, or stuffing yourself with more caffeine to fight the never-ending feeling of tiredness, or bingeing on snacks or alcohol to reward yourself after having a tough day, or staying sedentary because you feel like you have to be available for work 24/7.

If any of the above applies to you, that’s okay. This is a natural process of adjustment. Nevertheless,it’s important to keep in mind that the choices you make now should not be at the expense of your health in the long-term.

You might be wondering “yes, I’ve heard all of this before, but...” let’s be honest, whatever reason that came out after “but”, is probably an excuse.

So where to start and what can you do about it?

Making any adjustments in life is hard and change doesn’t happen overnight. Starting something is always best through self-reflection and awareness,then making micro-adjustments and committing to that change*.

There are ample tools and websites that can help you with this, from calculating your BMI, identifying and changing your habits to understanding how to manage your emotional and mental health.

Think about what’s been bothering you lately. Have you felt more irritable, physically and mentally tired no matter how much sleep you’ve had, or just stressed all the time?

When was the last time you had a general health check-up? Consultations with your trusted medical professional should be done regularly, you don’t need to wait until there is a problem.

The key message is that, don’t postpone, it’s never early or too late to start.

The following websites might be of interest:

There are also apps that can help you keep track of your health, check-out:

  • Covid Coach- this app works like a mental health
    diary, you can choose what you would like to focus on such as learning how to cope with stress, facing loneliness, handling anger and irritability, even checking your mood. It’s a helpful
    tool to begin your journey of self awareness.

The following websites might be of interest:

Personal app recommendation:

The creator of the best yoga app for all levels. The app lets you choose what level you’re at and the boosts of the day that you feel like doing (strength, flexibility, etc) and also the type of yoga (vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga, etc), it then generates a video with random variations of the poses.The app also offers pre-natal yoga or yoga for complete beginners.

If you’re not into yoga, Down Dog also offers other types of exercises, such as HiiT, Barre or 7minutes workout. The best thing about exercising through an app is that you have control, what,when and how to do it.

Have you thought about where your energy comes from? On a molecular level, when you consume food, your body breaks down acids and enzymes through the digestive process in the stomach. The stomach identifies carbohydrate (consisting of sugars and starches) from the food and breaks it down into glucose (a form of sugar). This is then released to your bloodstream and the body determines whether this is to be used immediately to fuel your activities or to be stored**. This is why people say you are what you eat.

If you’ve noticed that your food choices have turned for the worse lately, this could be a good time to re-asses. Remember to make micro-adjustments, take baby steps in whatever form is comfortable for you and commit to this. Immediate drastic changes will often lead to unsustainable efforts.

Micro-adjustments can be in the form of becoming aware before you take those steps to your fridge for the 4th snack of the day. Am I hungry or just feeling bored and need to nibble? Drink some water to see if that settles the craving.

Or if you’ve had UberEats for the 3rd time this week, maybe take tomorrow to start thinking about meal prepping time for the next few days.

There are heaps of easy 15-30 minute recipes that you can tap into:

No matter where you are in your healthy lifestyle journey, remember you’re not alone.

*Focus on ‘Microhabits’ to Change your Behaviour. HBR
**How our bodies turn food into energy. Kaiser Permanente

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